Saturday, April 25, 2015

Encouraging Ride!

I have had some pretty awesome rides lately, but today I had the best one yet. Like a seriously drama-free, enjoyable, productive ride. I used the Micklem, now my most favorite piece of tack, and switched out the bevel for my plain old copper french link. I got him to do some really nice, light flatwork. He was moving off my leg as much as I could expect without spurs (note to self: stop getting lazy and put the damn spurs on!) and when I asked him to canter he wasn't all strung out or pulling. Going to the right he had the best canter in a long time. The canter circle was the best. I was so happy.

So I started popping him over that same little jump. He was fantastic. I have never been able to jump him in a plain snaffle without feeling dragged or brakeless or out of control at any point in time. Today, I had none of those moments. He got his distances, which he's not always good at doing when we canter jumps. And he cantered off, getting his leads, without running off as he is known to do after landing. And I could go from the xc jump to the pallets without messing with him too much to get his mind focused again. I wish it would dry out enough to put the jumps up because I totally feel confident to put them up now. I'm not afraid of him launching and dropping me or of him missing his distance and running through the jump. Between his teeth getting done and the Micklem, he is a much nicer, happier horse to ride!! I've thought I've been having some great rides with this kid this spring, but I guess I didn't know what a really and truly good ride was! No hissy fits = a really and truly good ride. Rides like this are the confidence boosters I need and I feel like we are becoming more in sync. Ready for all the showz!

Also, my awesome mom made me fly bonnets to match my show pads. They are perfect! They make Twister look very professional and handsome.

Vaquero loves his pony <3
My personal fav is the orange!!

Also, no Rolex for me. some severe weather headed this way and standing out in the rain and thunder all day is not appealing Especially seeing as I was sick 2 or 3 weeks ago and don't want to repeat the experience. I am supper bummed. Are multiple dry, sunny days in a row too much to ask???



  1. You guys look great! I love the spiffy new bonnets :)

  2. omg so much cuteness between Twister in his bonnets and that cat! also so glad to hear about your awesome rides - he looks super smooth and relaxed in that video, must be so much fun to ride!