Monday, April 27, 2015

Baby Racehorses Breezing

Our 3 year old, Baby Curtis (Da Money Man) had his first official breeze on Sunday. He was very professional and breezed 3/8 in 38:00. He got the bullet for that distance for the day! A bullet for his first work!!!! (For non-track-smart people, the bullet is the best work of the day at any given distance). A very respectable time for a first timer! He's been in training almost 2 months now and is coming along nicely. I can't wait until his debut! Maybe by the end of June he'll be ready to race. I'm hoping for him to break his maiden first time out. How awesome would that be?!

My very professional baby boy! My very talented SO up :)

Da Ladies Man (Porkchop) also worked... kind of.... on Sunday. The bug boy who rode for us and died up in Indiana in October has a little brother. A little brother that could be his twin. Seriously, it was like looking at a ghost. Sebastian Saez is riding at Churchill now as a bug boy. He's 16. He worked Porkchop for us. He's good on a horse but as far as having a clock in his head and knowing where the poles are and what pole is which, he's a little green. We'd love to have him ride for us, but maybe after he's been around the block a few more times. The breeze was more of a gallop, but oh well. 

Da Ladies Man, getting ready to breeze,, Sebastian Saez up

coming back after his "breeze"

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  1. it must be so excited to watch your youngsters out there getting started! i hope baby curtis blows you all away!