Monday, April 20, 2015

It's the MOST Wonderful Time of the Yearrrrr!

No, really, it is! It's almost May. Which means Rolex. Which means getting to use my amazing camera to take awesome shots of fantastic horse and rider teams going over jumps that would make me piss my pants. Also Rolex means the biggest tack sale of my life... again. I will sit in a million saddles and pretend I am actually going to buy one maybe. And I will bring a few things home for the poneh. My shopping list has changed in recent months: 1. Anatomical girth, or maybe a neoprene girth. My fleece girth is ugly and beyond CPR. Definitely not show quality on it's very best day which is never. 2. Perhaps a new set of boots. New Woof boots or maybe some open fronts. Our boots have also seen better days and were hardly show quality when I bought them used over a year ago. 3. Random things I probably don't really need. Maybe that means breeches? Or something ridiculous for the dogs? And of course I'll be filling out ever entry form for anything that could possibly be won! Ya never know!!!

This time of the year also means racing! We are picking out races for our horses and training and I spend at least one weekend day at the track and sneak over there during the week when I can. I love hanging out on the backstretch, drinking my coffee, talking to everyone and helping with our horses. Porkchop (Da Ladies Man) has been training well and has had a lot of time off after his 3 races this winter. We picked a race for him at Churchill after Derby. Curtis (Da Money Man) is training like a big horse. He's been at the track a little over a month and my fiance says he's the one. Which is what I've been saying for like 2 years now. He's going to be a big horse. He has stakes potential. (BTW, Curtis is also my someday next event horse. He's super athletic. But I'm in no rush. He can race for a few years. But then he's mine!!!!)

Da Money Man (baby Curtis) galloping on Saturday morning. Kid's got it going on! (the one closest to the camera)
This time of year also means Derby! Though I don't go every year, I love Derby! I might be watching from our restaurant this year, but I will still be watching. I have never missed a Derby in my life (except the year I spent in the ER after I got double barreled by a warmbloodX). And anyone that distracts me risks their life. Jk.... or am I? When you live right outside of Louisville, Derby is even a bigger deal than anywhere else in the world. Kids get Friday Oaks day off of school! Where else in the world do kids get off school for a horse race?! It's freaking awesome! I can't believe I haven't lived in KY my whole life! What were my parents thinking????

And this time of year also means someday it WILL freaking dry out and I WILL be able to train outside again! Galloping and jumping and working on our dressage skillz. I have horse shows planned (to compete in and to do my giveaways for my insurance business) and clinics and I have had offers to come to a friend's farm to xc school. BUT IT NEEDS TO DRY OUT!!!!!!!!!!

But truly, this is my favorite time of year. I hate winter so much that shedding horses, warm days, longer lasting daylight, peepers, birds, geese, tall grass, leafy trees and riding outside make me positively giddy!


  1. you don't, by any chance, happen to need a 46" girth? seems a bit petite for Twister, but i have a very nice, barely-used pessoa anatomic girth that i'm motivated to sell, just in case :)

    1. That is. He wears a 50 when he's fit :P When he's not fit I stuff him into a 50 or bring out my girth extender.