Saturday, April 18, 2015

What?! Wait! Was that MY Horse????

...... that just tried to kill your horse?!?!?!?!

before he turned into a shithead
That's what took me seconds to process yesterday. E and I went out down the road and we were making our way back home through the corn field and Twister was RANK. RANK RANK RANK. I have never seen him so freaking rank ever in  4 years. And he was riding with a mare. He never gets aggressive toward another horse let alone a mare. He loves da ladies! He kicked out and almost got E in the leg. When it finally processed, I smacked him a good one on his shoulder which he responded to with a buck. He dragged me the rest of the way home. I got him in the little paddock at home and make him w/t/c until he behaved. He was soaked. My back hurt and I was cranky. I could only think that maybe this was his very rude and inappropriate way of telling me his mouth still hurt. OK OK OK.  I GET IT.

Today I did his feet, got 20 lbs of hair off him then got on western with the hackamore and took him to the little paddock. There was a little head tossing but I finally let him lope out and he picked up his leads both ways and loped and loped and loped and loped. He was much better behaved. I walked him all over the farm to cool out then gave him a bath and put his fly mask on for the first time of the year. He's a happy boy. I guess I'll just ride in the hackamore for a week then switch to the copper french link for a while. It's too damn wet to jump anyways....

Good horse, good dog!

Happy, inappropriate pony

Tired dogs after a good long swim

WTF is this????
This pic is something Twister has had for a couple years now. I've used ring worm cream on it, but nothing... plus it doesn't spread so I'm pretty sure it's not that. I've used anti bacterial cream and anti fungal crap, tea tree oil, baby oil... you name it. It won't go away or grow hair. Any ideas? I'd post to a FB page but they will all tell me it's everything the post says I know it's not. And that aggravates me to NO end. He has a couple new ones between his back legs. They don't seem to bother him.....


  1. I think all the horses have a bit of spring fever right now! My big pony has been very cheeky

  2. ugh i kinda hate it when i go for what's supposed to be a relaxing trail ride with friends and the horses are sour or not having it... glad he was better the next day! and i have zero clue about that mystery spot.. definitely kind of odd, esp if it's spreading!

    1. the original spot is on his neck. the new spots are between his legs. maybe tick related???