Friday, May 1, 2015

April Review, May Goals

April Review
My #1 goal this past month was to go to a show and jump a course, cantering, without dying. Mission accomplished. Actually, Twister was fabulous at the show. Except for that thing with the trailer which we have worked on and he is now over......

Trailers are no problemo anymore
My 2nd set of goals was to practice transitions and work on grids and gymnastics. Well I didn't do any grids. It's stayed pretty wet until just this week. I've only had one jump up at a time but I've worked at getting our distance and for me to keep balanced and centered in the tack no matter what happens. He's jumping beautifully in a plain copper snaffle. Something that we have never ever been able to do without lots of outofcontrollness and me wanting to cry. The other day we had some issues. But they were little compared to what we used to deal with. I tried to work on lead changes the other day and he just kept cross cantering after I asked for the change. So we went back to simple changes. I KNOW he can do them. But spurs will help him switch his hind end. He mostly always will change over a jump now though. But not on the flat.

Best shots from the past week. I've had a mostly great pony
We have had some awesome jump schools and dressage schools. He's beefing up and looks fantastic too. Despite all my elbow grease, he is still holding on to some hair so I wormed him again, just in case. Also the Battle of the Thrush is slowly getting under control. As the ground dries out, so will his hooves. Jim Rickens #1 Foot Formula is helping a great deal, only the puppy ate all my rubber gloves so I'm barehanding it which makes my hands stain brown and even after a shower "they be smelling lovely all day" as Tad the Polish barn manager once told H and I after barehanding betadine.

Lots of muscles after only a month :)

May Goals
Get to a clinic/lesson. That was supposed to be for April, only the trainer I go to scheduled a clinic on May 9th so I'd rather do that then go to a lesson out of the blue. Then I can watch other riders, get a sort of show feel for Twister and talk to other riders and farm owners about insurance. I am forever making business connections.
Grids and gymnastics!!!! I have plenty of poles and I need to make Twister think and do something other than canter straight up to a jump. That's not going to cut it. Also need to do pole work to help our canter for dressage!
Go somewhere to XC school. I have a friend at a farm not too too far that has invited me out several times. I need to pick a date and go school with her! I have my first HT planned for the end of June to give me plenty of time for getting fit and practicing and xc schooling. I'd like to start this summer at BN level, but I will probably warm up with one at Starter (2-2.3ft jumps or so) and then move up for the next show. So I need to be jumping at that level or higher. Now that it's drying out I can finally do that.
Lateral work! We both loathe it . But Twister needs to be moving off my leg better and needs to be more supple. And he needs to engage his hind end more. He's long-backed, so it's makes it very difficult to collect him and get him on the aids. And he can be a mule sometimes! I need to put those spurs on and make him workity workity. No to mention how great it'd be for my leg muscles which while not as jello-y as a month ago, are still not even close to Uncle George's standards.

He has biceps and pecs like Arnold!

What NOT to do kids!.... then he dropped his
shoulder and I *almost* rolled off!


  1. he's looking REALLY good! love your may goals too. hope the clinic goes well! i'm also starting out at the intro level with hopes of moving up to BN... but we'll see if that actually happens or not lol

  2. What an amazing difference in only a month! He looks great!

  3. Sexy muscled beast. My goodness.