Tuesday, March 31, 2015

TOABH - Introspection

My first blog hop. I am still learning all the fun things I can do when writing my blogs. I'm an amateur. I started blogging because I loved sharing my horsey life and reading about everyone else's. And because my non-horsey Facebook peeps were getting annoyed at my 10 page long statuses about how well my horse did on such and such day, etc.
If my horse could change one thing about me, what would it be?
If Twister could change ONE thing about me I am almost positive he'd make me be gutsier. This horse doesn't balk at anything. He'd jump 4 feet if I pointed him at it and though he may not be sure of a jump, he'd never stop. He might launch so that the scary, horse-eating jump doesn't get him or he might chip. But he'd never chicken out. Me, I am a chickenshit rider sometimes. Which is why I don't ride a lot of different horses. I like riding one horse I have a great bond with and that I can trust to get me from A to B without dying. I was never this big of a wuss in highschool. I rode all the horses I could. I got mad when the jumps were 2ft or under. I wanted to jump all the BIG thingz all the time and go for high speed gallops through the orchard and play musical horses on a trail ride (which I got in serious trouble for when some other girl came off Stewart in the middle of a Chinese fire drill, equine style).

I look like shit. Probably almost fell off.
Wasn't scared at all. (I was 17 or 18)

And then I didn't ride half as much for the next 4 or 5 years. And suddenly I had no balls. Not even sure why. I've fallen off a bunch, but nothing terrifying life changing or that even hurt THAT bad.(sliding across the gravel driveway DID hurt A LOT). But I know Twister would want me to get my balls back. To have my nerves be a little chillier. To sit back and let happen what will happen. He's the best horse and does whatever job you ask. I get in his way too much by being a gutless wonder. He isn't even a spooker! Stewart used to walk by the same thing 100 times and the 101 time it was going to eat him alive and next thing you know I'm hanging on for dear life/flipping over his head.

why so serious? why you grab so much mane?! you're not going anywhere...

There is a meme that says "Your horse can only be as brave as you are" or some shit. But honestly, Twister makes me braver. And the more I ride him, the less I worry. The less I get in his way. The less pissy he gets at me.

Relaxed and having a great time, galloping in a
big open hay field because he's AWESOME
This horse constantly reminds me there is nothing to worry about and goes above and beyond what I ask. You'd have thunk I would have learned by now.....

Parade through town. LOTS of scary things. Not ONCE did
he spook or balk at ANYTHING and he led the way like a pro
even though this was his first parade and some of these
horses had been a couple times


  1. i think you and i are pretty much in exactly the same boat. like, literally i could have written this. taking a couple years off killed my confidence, and my mare is very slowly bringing me back up to snuff. ugh to be younger and fearless again!

    1. It's tough! You know there is nothing to worry about but at the same time you're being a chicken and you can't get over it in a snap. Twister is very patient which helps A LOT. Probably a few more lessons would help too. Having someone push us in a controlled setting.