Monday, June 22, 2015

I Need a New Helmet!

Okay, well I really really really could use one. Mine is fine for a 45 minutes schooling session. But for long rides or keeping it on all day at a show, it's not so okay. It eventually puts a lot of pressure on my forehead and temples and I get migraines. And I'm prone to migraines anyways. So this is not helping.

Currently I am riding in the Ovation Z8 Carbon Fiber. I think it's too oval for my head. There is some gaping at the sides.

can you see the gap???

So I went to the tack store today, the tack sore 45 minutes from me and the only one that sells show helmets that aren't huge clunky Troxel schoolers......... I was headed that direction anyways so I stopped in. And I tried everything that wasn't a CO. I hate COs. Sorry CO fans but I do. Not enough ventilation, make you look egg-headed and I haven't found one to properly fit.

I LOVE the Defender from OneK. But I couldn't find a size to fit me unless I leave my hair all the way down, and even then the medium is too tight and the large too big.

I REALLY thought I'd walk out of the store with a Tipperary T2 or T4. That was my plan when headed there anyways..... But I couldn't fine one of those to fit properly either. I was super bummed. The T2 is on clearance there. $119.99! And all the air vents! Wahhhhhhhhh!

The leathery IRH fit, with my hair down. But not up. No way no how. And this one was about $100 bucks out of my budget.

I even tried ponytailing and tossing the tail under the helmet instead of my typical twist of hair on the top of my head. Better but not great.

The S/M Ovation like mine, too small, even with my hair down. I have the M/L.

I don't want to spend much more than $200 on a helmet. I don't show often enough and I need a helmet I can do it all in. Nothing too terribly fancy. And I guess I'm going to need to make a trip to Dover in Cinnci or wait until Rolex next year in order to try on more brands and more shapes and sizes. My person wants to go try on new helmets to. He needs a skull cap for the track and his current one doesn't fit him perfect either. Well enough but he's not totally happy, just like me. And I refuse to have a huge blulky helmet. I hate that crap. When I was in high school I used the Ageis helmet to school, trail ride. But I remember it being super bulky.


old ass photo. my first love, stewart.

I'd like to try on some GPA (even though the cheapest is out of my price range) and some of the Troxel show helmets don't look too bad. The Intrepid and the Liberty look hopeful. Personally, I like an adjustable dial. That way in the winter I can wear my hair down. At shows and in summer I can wear it up under my helmet. That's how my Ovation is but it doesn't freaking fit properly and hurts after an hour squeezing my forehead.



Any suggestions????????? Is there some obscure brand somewhere I don't know about??? Help my noggin, blogger friends!


  1. I used to work for an equine retailer so I've got a few tips!

    If you're looking for round helmets - look at GPA, Tipperary, some IRH depending on model, KEP
    Oval's going to be - most CO's, most IRH's but it does depend on model
    More in the middle of round vs oval - One K, Samshield, CO Hampton

    Samshield has a very cool (very expensive) helmet called the Samshield Premium that is lacking padding right at the front of the helmet so it helps a lot of people with headaches. But believe it or not, if you're getting pressure on your forehead, you actually might need a more oval helmet, even if you have space on the side of your current one. Typically oval shaped heads get pressure at the front and the back of their head and rounds will get pressure on the sides.

    I can't fit in any other helmet with my hair up, other than the CO AYR8. I tried just about every brand out there at the time and it is literally the only one that fits me properly. Even the other CO's don't fit me as well. I didn't want to drop that much money on a helmet but you know, if the helmet fits....

    1. Wow awesome thank you!!!! My not so local tack shop doesn't have very many options in brands or models of those brands. So I need to drive the 2 1/2 hrs north to Dover in Cinnci or go to a Lexington tack shop or.... wait until April/Rolex. I can deal with mine for now, but it's my 3rd year with it and my head can't handle it for long periods and I never not wear a helmet....

    2. Ugh. I'm SO spoiled by having 3 local tack shops within a 30 minute drive of my apartment. Even then, Digby is on the small size and between the 3 of them I have a hard time finding blankets that fit him, sometimes fly masks/fly bonnets, other sized items. Like Emma said, there's always SmartPak (or someone else with free returns) but like you mentioned, it's a pain in the ass to be returning them all the time and waiting for a new one. I really think helmets need to be tried on in person with as many brands as possible, all at once, with the help of someone who really knows what they're doing so it doesn't take forever.

    3. I spent 30 minutes in the store the other day and the girl was helpful but there just wasn't much selection. What irks me is I live in freaking KY! And there is ONE english tack shop within an hrs drive. Lots of little western shops, they don't even bother stocking helmets.

  2. if you're having trouble with the local tack shop you might try ordering online from smartpak or someone that does free returns - but of course you'd want to check first that they accept returned helmets. and fwiw, i always wear my hair up - but in a pony tail at the base of my skull such that the hair is under the helmet, but the hair tie is not - rather the base of the ponytail is just corralled under the helmet's harness. good luck!!

    1. i don't want to be switching out helmets back and forth forever. I tried on helmets with my twist under the helmet and with the ponytail flipped up too. Still had a hard time getting one that fit right. I need to make a trip to a tack stop that has all kinds. Dover or a shop in Lexington.

  3. Gaps on the side generally mean the helmet is too round. If its too oval it would fit on the sides but rock front to back.

  4. Did you try an IRH in long oval? We sound similar in fit since I tried many of the same helmets. I have had success with IRH long oval (though different models do have different shapes as well). I wanted a OneK but couldn't get my head to fit right, even in their long oval version (which I ordered online to try). I ended up with a Samshield regardless of the fact that I didn't want to spend that much. It fits like a glove and never leaves indents in my forehead or gives me headaches. I'm glad I paid the extra for it.

    1. Ugh, Samshield is my love. I LOVE the concept behind them (made by a motocross rider who started making helmets when he started riding and realized that motorcycle/bike helmets are way more comfy and better looking than riding helmets) and they way they look but man, they just don't fit my head at all!

    2. I think i tried the round and oval IRH. I don't remember. I tried on everything they had in that store. My Ovation seems really oval. But I have no idea really, obviously, or I wouldn't be having such a hard time :P

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