Sunday, June 21, 2015

To Move Up or Not to Move Up

That is the big question.

After the show last weekend I think the jumping and xc of BN is something we can handle. Would we finish in the ribbons? Probably not. But at this point I just want to finish a BN. Twister is getting fitter and our jumping is awesome lately. And my confidence is at an all time high. But dressage is what I'm worried about. Can we canter while staying in side the ring? Can we stop counter cantering? (our new thing..... please keep reading). Can we halt square and transition down without falling apart? Probably not. Which is why I'm thinking I'll probably be sticking to Start Division in July.

and we can't look like this at a show WHY????

Friday I did a little walk-trot. We spiraled and stretched and were on the aids and he was very enjoyable to ride. We finished up with a gallop. Today same thing except we worked WTC. Walk-trot was fine. Even our downward transitions weren't terrible. But cantering, we would start out on the correct lead and as I squeezed him forward he'd switch his leads. and counter canter. A mostly round counter canter. But a counter canter all the same. And this the horse that won't do flying changes......................... I left those parts out of  my Youtube video.

Maybe I'm using too much spur? It was definately a canter that could have stayed in a 20 meter circle. And I didn't even realize he'd switched leads. Buttface. He didn't do it every time. But still! The canter I got that you'll see in the video was really nice. Hence all the "good boys" I wanted to know he was being great without letting him fall apart.

He's also stiff to the right. I need to have the chiro out but there is puppy problems. And I have to make sure that baby Ranger is taken care of first.... his right hip (unoperated one) is giving out and needs to get done ASAP. But his right elbow has also become very dysplastic and sore and swollen. He is going to the vet tomorrow for x-rays and maybe, finally, surgery on that right hip.

Well I guess I answered my own question. I'm only planning one HT this year and I guess I'll stay at starter level. Also, that means M and I would be able to school and show in the same division against each other making me being able to school her a lot easier.

I get a little frustrated. Once it fall hits, I ride less and less and as we roll back into April or so I feel like it takes me forever. Like I take 1 step forward and 2 back almost. Though maybe it's more 2 forward and 1 back. Making progress slow. I'm not in any huge rush to move up the levels but it's hard to challenge yourself when you stay in the same place for so long....

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  1. my friend is struggling with the same problem too - the jumping is great but her horse doesn't reliably have a left lead so she's hesitant to spend the $$ to move up. hard decisions! Twister's doing so well tho - you guys will have a blast regardless of what you decide!