Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Recap

Ummmm did I mention that American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown on Saturday???????? Hellz yea!

photo credits to Barbara Livingston and Victor Espinoza's FB page

Friday: Did a dressage school. Twister did NOT want to horse. It was like I was riding with my legs cut off. And once I finally got him listening to my reattached legs he got so heavy and did not want to pick his freaking face up and put his ass under him. It was exhausting. So I did what I should know by now is never the freaking answer.... and I bitted up. I put the baucher in his mouth and lost all my power steering. Da fuq. And no matter what I do, even when he is on the aids and in front of my leg, Twister hollows out and resists the downward transition so bad. I think Carly is probably right and I need to have the chiropractor out to work on him. Something is definitely bugging him and I don't think it's ALL a training issue. Maybe 50-50. I don't want to have the chiro out so close to a show so right after I'll call and make an appointment. We finished the day by hacking down the road with E.

this is how he feels about
dressage and different bits
Saturday: Goofed off with my person. He rode Rascal who is doing a lot better. I rode western on Twister. We raced each other in the big paddock a bit. Twister cantering strong and completely lacking brakes. When we made a round of the farm and rode down the road a bit. Rascal's first ride on the road. He did pretty well. Basically, it was an easy day for Twister.

very balanced little cutie.
love watching my person on a horse :) 
Sunday: Put the jumps up. Used the bevel bit. I did a simple gymnastics to warm up. Trot poles to a little bitty jump and 1 stride to the 2' barrel jump. I had to really give my legs a work out today. As soon as Twister lands a jump, especially on the rail, he lugs in so hard. He has something against corners. Something we're working on. He is so heavy on my inside leg when we canter too. Not always balanced.....

After warming him up I lined him up we jumped the 2'3" jump. He cantered over it so easy. And I have been really working on securing my leg and I felt a lot more steady over the jump. Then I asked him to pick up his right lead and canter over the 2'6"-ish jump. He did it so easy. And again, my leg was more secure and he gave me so much confidence. We did the 2'3" again and came back at the pallet jump from the other direction. Easy peasy. I can't wait for our jumper rounds on Sunday!!! And depending on my ride times my person might come watch and take pics and cheer me on!! =D

When I was in highschool I'd jump anything, I didn't worry about the size. After hardly jumping for 5 years or so, anything over 2' gets me nervous. After today I'm like "that's not too big! what am I worrying about!?"

crappy still. 
I probably will go over both those jumps on Thursday or so. But now I need to memorize my test and practice the movement. And halting. And downward transitions... bleh.


  1. i know exactly what you mean about getting nervous when the sticks go up - but you're exactly right, Twister makes it look easy! what an awesome confidence boost!

    1. When he starts launching and I start flailing all over I'm like nope no thank you we can jump x-rails forever. but really we can't because we both find x-rails boring. lol