Friday, June 12, 2015

Opinion on Saddle Modification

My saddle has HUGE knee rolls, which I like having most of the time, and no back support. I talked to my neighbor about maybe sewing some velcro on and I could buy thigh blocks to stick on it. Only I'm not sure if it will work. My inner saddle flap is smaller than the outer flap. I don't know if I'll have enough room to put a thigh block where it needs to go.............

I don't know when I'll ever be able to afford a different saddle, and there is nothing wrong with this one really, expect I really wish it had thigh blocks. Like really really. It fits my bum and it fits Twister's manly back and withers. So I'm trying to do something that shouldn't cost me very much at all.

Where my leg is so you can see how much room there is ON TOP (reminder... inner flap is quite a bit smaller than outer flap)
normally on the flap my leg is a little further forward

 What I want to do......
example of velcro and thigh bock

not velcro but big knee roll like mine with smaller inner flap
and it still has the thigh block... i'd do movable though
so i could adjust till i get it right
 My saddle, no rider.

i don't think there is room :(
Anyone added velcro and thigh blocks to their saddle?? Opinions? Ideas? Or do a suck it up for another year or two and then buy a different saddle??


  1. I hate any and all blocks in my jumping saddles. I have the ones off of my current saddle stuffed somewhere, so if you do end up with velcro let me know and I'll send them to you!

  2. Do you have a local saddler? We have a great saddle repair shop around here and I call all the time with these kinds of questions. Haha you should call our guy and ask for recommendations. Ridgely at the Maryland Saddlery. Maybe he (or someone?) will have experience w this?

    1. there is one over an hour away. my neighbor does leather work and makes WESTERN saddles but has done lots of modifications and repairs on my saddles and english tack. he's really good at what he does so i'm hoping he'll have some good in put.