Thursday, May 28, 2015

Be Square!!!!!!!!!

First day back in the saddle since the trail ride. I have it from a very reliable source that at my CT in 2 weeks I will probably have to do my dressage test in my jumping saddle. So I figured no time like the present to get crackalackin. I just had to let my stirrups down like 4 holes......

freshly fixed up mane

I started out at a walk asking Twister as usual to take the lead out and get in front of my leg. At a walk this didn't take too long. Once he was moving out I asked him to come on the aids. He struggled a bit to the left and it took him longer with a bit of fighting. But we eventually got it. Going to the right was much easier. We ended up having a very nice walk. Test worthy.

Before I asked for the trot, I asked him to half pass to the rail. I use the shadows like arena mirrors to help me see the cross over. But also, I am becoming more accustomed to the feel of his back lifting and the swing as he crosses over during the half pass. I know what to feel for and can tell better if he is cheating.

I finally got ready and asked for a nice round transition into the trot. Bahahahaha! But we got ourselves together quickly after. I didn't want a lot of collection, I just wanted bend and him to be in front of my leg and accept my hands. He did pretty well. Stretched out into my hands and when he tried to take the reins I sat deep and didn't let him and pushed him forward. Shiver shiver. We accomplished a very respectable trot.

And the we worked on our downward transitions. BAHAHAHAHA! Even when he is in front of my leg and I used Silke's trick of using the rail to help slow him. I didn't slump or give him the reins but he STILL hollows out and jiggs to a walk. AND THEN he comes back on the aids. Needs LOTS of work.

And then there is the halt. I hate the halt. It's my least favorite movement EVER. Twister refuses to be square. Ever. Even when I take my conformation shots he wants to stand all wonky. I might get his front legs square but his back legs. wonky as fuck. Why can he not get it together. Part of our problem is that he hollows out like he does coming into the walk. So I used the rail. And ran him square into it to halt him. It doesn't matter. And half the time he swings his ass out one way or the other. So we can't even stop square while being off the centerline. It needs work..... Any stopping square tips??? Please? Anyone???

taken from the saddle.... square fronts. wonky hinds...


  1. yea transitions aren't really our friend either haha... and lmk if you figure out the stopping square thing too bc my mare seriously believes that crooked halts are best halts

    1. I'd be fine with crooked as long as all 4 feet were square lol

  2. I'd say look into chiro first. Maybe his hips are out.

    Bobby is the boss hoss at square halting. Make sure YOU are really sitting straight, keep the forward when asking for the halt, and both legs ON. If he swings one way consistently--when Robert is being a pissasaurus he likes to poke his butt out to the left--swing that leg back a bit, but still keep BOTH on. The best halts are always done from a forward pace!