Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Just the Two of Us!

The giant has left the building. Hell the whole farm for that matter! Got on a trailer this afternoon and shipped out. I made sure I was home early from work because I was worried about how Twister might react when his only "friend" left. HE DIDN'T EVEN FREAKING CARE. He was in a stall and after they left he was like UMMMMMM CAN I GO EATZ GRASS? So it's just Twister and I again..... and my person and the dogs and cats. Which got me started singing a terrible off-tune rendition of Just the Two of Us as we were jogging around this evening. For those that don't know, I have a song or movie line to go with ever situation ever, all off the top of my head.

blogger will not let me put this where i want it!
The flies are terrible here already. So I already had to put his fly sheet on him. Which he loves. Thanks Carly for selling it to us! Robert is crazy to not want it. His loss is our gain :P

I rode today and Twister was great. Let him jog and gallop a little bit in the lanes. Started on a loose loose loose rein and with every round I asked him to come back to me a little more. He was pretty happy and pretty awesome.

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  1. glad he's so relaxed about being alone on the farm again!