Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Just Pictures

Did ground work with Twister yesterday. He hasn't been under saddle since the clinic and I'm getting back on him tonight. Basically, he is amazing, under tack or while doing ground work. This kid is always impressing me by his willingness to do anything and everything. Except for when we dressage and he makes me do all the work. But we're working on that.....

please tell me how I keep getting asked if he's a TB....
Nothing against TBs at all! Ya'll know that! But he's
pure chunky QH! Any dummy can see that.... or not....


random cat photo

Sunrise this morning

Farmer Twister, checkin' out his fields, ya'll. 


  1. haha i didn't realize he was a QH either... oops! he's mighty handsome all the same :)

    1. hahaha whoops! sorry for the rude comment. i got asked like 12 times last weekend if he was an OTTB lol.

    2. i honestly don't see the TB that everyone does. I see a beef chunk qh lol. we went to a show like 2 years ago with the OTTB i was trying to sell and Twister and they thought twister was the OTTB and the Little Man was the Qh.