Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Flies Chewed Up His Manhood

For real. Fucking flies. I don't drop the F-bomb often on here but seriously. I get home yesterday afternoon and the flies had crawled UNDER Twister's fly sheet. Under it! So I took it off and put on the rope halter to lunge him and lunge jump him a little. The flies were fucking ridiculous. He worked pretty willingly for a horse that was being eaten alive. Literally.

After I got done and I was bringing him in the barn, I notice blood on his back pastern. I checked, no cuts. So it had to be dripping.... look up up up. And holy shit his sheath was raw and bloody. The flies had chewed him right up. This happened in the space of a day! It wasn't there Thursday because I did my spring-time sheath cleaning. Nothing like being elbow deep in smegma. About the only time I envy mare owners. And Friday afternoon he was in when it was hot and same Saturday and Sunday. I feel like a terrible mother. I cleaned him up, sponged him off (sweating like a piggy) and turned on a fan in the stall. I put furazone on the raw, bloody spots and I am going to have to go buy more Swat and just shmear it all on there until his sheath is pink.

 If anyone has any ideas as to how to keep him from being eaten alive all summer I'd appreciate it! He is going to go in a stall during the day again. I thought because he is an only child now that a run-in and fly sheet would make him happy because he could do whatever he wants when he wants to do it. But apparently he'd like to come in the barn before the flies chew Little Twister off......... I think I'll get some wipe-on fly crap and more Swat and just have him in with a fan during the day. But honestly, I don't think any fly repellent truly works. He has been sprayed the night before and this is how I find him 18 hours later.........

This morning he was very anxious to come in. Whether it was because he wanted breakfast or he was scared of the flies coming out, I'm not sure. He didn't say. Just that he wanted in his stall NOW.

can't say no to that face!


  1. oh no - poor baby! those are some vicious flies :(

    1. they just love him and bother him half to death. being a thick-skinned QH doesn't mean a damn thing :(

  2. Apollo has sensitive pink skin in his manhood area.... :(

    I put swat on it when the flies get really bad. It helps a lot! I also have to clean Apollo's sheath like every two months otherwise the smell attracts even more flies (the joy of geldings...!).

    1. I just cleaned his sheath Thursday. Really really good. So I'll make sure to keep up with that.