Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Riding Bitch Face

You've all heard of the "resting bitch face", yes?? Well, I have a condition that could be described as the "riding bitch face". It's a condition I've had my whole life. Ever since I started riding. I don't know why!!! I LOVE to ride. I seriously enjoy it. But when I'm working a horse I get these faces that are just terrible. My goal this year is to make less of these faces and smile more. Judges don't want to see you looking like you hate what you're doing even if you love it, but can't help the ugly faces you make! I'd love to have a more relaxed face when riding. Smiling even. The Riding Bitch Face needs to GO!

2009 or so riding the best little qh ever. he was my first love
but I still looked miserable. WHY?!
why do i look disgusted?

and then there is the lip biting.... also has been happening
since the beginning of time
I guess I wasn't ready for his impromptu and unrequested

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Twister is like "don't take pics
of her making ugly face!"

again really?

so ugly

not even sure about this face. ugliness.

and sometimes we make the faces together. #meanttobe

hot mess


  1. I totally have that too :( All my coaches think I`m mad at them/my horse at first, but really I`m just super focused.

  2. I make a really weird/awful face over jumps. Maybe I'll call it my "resting jump bitch face"? lol

  3. ahahaha i love this!! my expression tends to be more vacant / vacuous with mouth hanging open lol. but i'm definitely trying to smile more (esp in the dressage ring - no easy feat! lol)