Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another Snowday and Horse Race

Thursday it snowed cats and dogs. over 2 ft. And KY can't handle that. Snow day! I made my person go gallop around in the snow with me. Too much fun! Other than that, I haven't done much riding due to the swamp my arena now is..... That means I have to make time to shed row this week.

Let's play "i spy"

No pics of Roader. He hates snow as much as me.

my dashing man!

he kept bucking but of course we didn't get any on camera. stupid slow camera.

And today our  year old, Da Ladies Man, ran 2nd in his 2nd race. After his crappy performance a month ago we were super proud of him today! Added some blinkers and took him off lasix and BAM! And even after he got tired, he didn't give up! He'll win next time out. He is much better shape and now he knows what it's all about. And he totally was happy with himself back at the spit barn like "yeaaa bitches just watch out next time".  He's too cute! And I say this quite literally, no bragging at all, he was the best looking horse in the paddock.

And THIS is why he is nicknamed Porkchop.........


  1. gorgeous photos of 'porkchop' - congrats on the solid race!

  2. I love the snow photos so much!! :)

  3. Such beautiful ponies! And I spy...a black and white kitty on the background!

    1. The tack room door on the trailer didn't get shut all the way and she was hiding in there lol