Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring is HERE!!

So nice and warm this weekend!! 70 today!!!! I didn't ride Friday but I rode Saturday. A good workout for both me and ponypants. Had to jog in the shedrow but we both sweat. Today I SHOULD have ridden but both horses went in the machine to jog instead. My bestie and I rehabbed my jumps today instead and this morning we went to the track with my person to set up our stalls. Baby Curtis is going to the track tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm so excited to see what he can do!!!! BTW, our tack room at the track was so freaking nasty. 2 5 gallon buckets of pine sol and hot water later.......

And puppy did more retrieving... this time in an actual pond. Surgery is Tuesday. I'm very nervous for him :(

And already Twister is looking fitter. 30 minutes jogging in the shedrow made him sound like he'd just breezed 3/8.... but he's tucking up and his top line looks better. He looked like shit there for a while. He gets a little frisky and naughty. But after he's warmed up he starts to put himself in a frame without a lot of asking from me. We're working on holding it for more than a half a round or a round. It's all about the muscles. And it's like me with my pudding legs..... takes time to be able to hold it steady. Seriously I can only get 4 rounds in half seat without dying.
his ass isn't as small as it looks in this pic. he has a big bum. 
this is NOT my favorite color blue.... work with what ya got!

Puppy spent the last 2 days retrieving in our neighbor's pond. He's a total FISH
stalls and tack room ready! time to bring the horses in!!!

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  1. yay for getting back into the swing of things - both with the pony and at the track!