Monday, March 16, 2015

Can't Dressage Today

It was 80 here in KY today! I rushed home early from work.... on a MONDAY no less..... and after taking the dogs for a swim I busted out that ol' dressage saddle, all pumped to work on bendiness and suppleness and half passes and the like. Well I get on and ask for Twister to jog on a loose rein to warm up and loosen up. I can tell he's a little stiff from his work out Saturday. We even stretched first. Well, he's sore in his right hind. Probably he was playing with the 3 year old like he's also a 3 year old and slipped in the mud and pulled something. He's not super sore, but he didn't work out of it either.

I tried my best to work on everything at the walk then. He was mister opposites today. If I said please step up under yourself and bend he said I'm going to be a giraffe limo. I ask him to half pass to the right and he kicks out and threatens to buck and goes left instead. I even had spurs and a dressage whip. Could I have been any more prepared for a difficult horse??!!

It was kind of a let down for a sneak out of work early and go riding while it's 80* ride. I finally got Twister to half pass on a loose rein left and right, But mostly just to the right. And when I asked for him to half pass in a frame (this is ALL at the walk btw....) he was fine to the right. Actually it probably looked half-pretty. But we had a big fight about going to the left in a frame. He'd stay round and under himself until I asked for a half and we halted like a giraffe. I called it a day. Will probably give him the next day off and try again Wednesday.... I'm hoping he's worked out whatever funk he's in....


  1. My girl was in a funk too yesterday. Short strided in her hind... BO said she was tearing around her pasture earlier so maybe she pulled something. It was SO nice yesterday!

  2. aww bummer... hope he feels better soon!

  3. Seems like a lot of bloggers & their horses have been in a bit of a funk lately.