Friday, March 27, 2015

Product Review: SleekEZ

So I'm scrolling through my news feed a few weeks ago and see and ad for this product called the SleekEZ. I could see there was a video of it deshedding a horse. I was interested. While I had planned to shave Twister, our clippers bit the dust and have not yet been fixed. And a shed blade only does so much. I watched all the video action of it getting buckets of hair off dogs, cats and horses. It lifts the dander and everything. They had a special offer where I could get 1 of each size for less than $50. I felt like my mom with that As Seen On TV crap or HSN, and I HAD to buy them.

The first night after it came in the mail, I used it on the puppies. It was very very cold out so I though I'd use it in the kitchen where the hair would be easy to contain and clean up after. OMG. Hair EVERYWHERE. I got a small cat's worth of hair off Ranger and Roader and then I brought a couple cats in the house and worked on them. SO. MUCH. HAIR. And my kitties loved it the most. Pedro (the horse-riding, badass) was purring and rolling his back and got mad when I stopped.

When I first got it, the horses hadn't quite started shedding yet, but I got to work anyways. Curtis, who normally looks like a woolly mammoth with all his hair (I like to think of his hair when he's out in a breeze as amber waves of grain rolling in the wind), looked a lot better. I've had more time to work on Twister with it though and if I keep up with it every day until next weekend, I'll only need to clean up his legs for the show. No clipping necessary. He looks super good already. I pulled a shit ton of hair off him last night and again this afternoon. I was kneeling under him raking his belly with it and I was covered in little clouds of sorrel fluff. His favorite is when I do his girth area and his chest. He stretches his head out and fwaps his lips. I was even  getting between his back legs and around his sheath and down his legs to his knees/hocks (which I wouldn't probably do unless you have a horse that just doesn't give a shit like Twister.... he's pretty immune to any and all handling of any part of him at all times). If I used the SleekEZ on Curtis the same way I used it on Twister I'd probably get kicked in the face. Twister doesn't have a super thick winter coat so it doesn't look as dramatic as the video when I use it on him, but it works. I love it and I totally recommend it!

I needed to do his belly fuz but he had to go run the fence in the mud so he's all wet from a belly/leg bath....
But! Look how shiny he is! Almost all the hair is gone!
The dog-sized one works well on their legs too.

This weekend I'm going to attack Curtis with it when I'm at the track. My person says that he's not really shedding a lot yet, but we just put him on supplements for his coat so I'm hoping maybe he'll start soon.

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  1. oooh interesting! my mare hates getting fussed with (and doesn't have much of a coat anyway), but i'm all about anything that helps make shedding less of a pain