Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Weaning the Big Grown-up Horse

Curtis loaded up and hauled off to the racetrack today! He walked right on to the trailer, in the dark, with just a rope like a big horse! Before he was even all the way up the ramp, Twister began to lose his shit. I gave him some good hay, hay that he's not supposed to get because it's for the racehorses, and locked him in his stall while I got ready for work. He screamed bloody murder and I could hear him running circles in his stall. An hour later and all was quiet. So I tried to turn him out. As long as I was standing right by the fence he was quiet. When I tried to walk back to the barn to drive off he started flipping out, galloping the length of the fence, bucking. After 10 minutes I just brought him back in the stall. At least I know he won't climb his stall door or anything. He's not that dumb.

So how long will it take him to chill out?! I've never weaned an adult before. Jeesh. I'd rather wean foals. They are better behaved! Twister has a new buddy coming to the farm in 2 or 3 days and after Porkchop's race Saturday he'll come home to hang out for a bit too. But I'm not sure I can handle 2 or 3 days of separation anxiety, screaming, pathetic ponypants. He seriously  needs to put on his big boy pants and deal with it. He has kitties and Roader and they'll hang out with him as soon as they're not afraid of getting trampled!

"where did you take my buddy???????"

Side note: Ranger came through surgery well yesterday. They did his left hip first. I can bring him home Friday!!


  1. Yay Ranger! And oh boy. They get sooooo dramatic when their friends go away. It is a bit ridiculous.

  2. aww poor Twister!! my adult mare doesn't get that type of hyped up anxiety (she's much too dignified, obvi) - but she also won't eat hay on the trailer by herself. this is kind of a problem for longer trips and i've actually considered asking the barn to get a goat that i could take along on trips too haha - tho maybe that's more work than it's worth?

  3. We left him in the stall until after work then turned him out and he's mostly relaxed now. I went to love on him and when I left he called out a few times and then quieted down again. He's a drama queen.

  4. Glad Ranger's surgery went well!