Monday, March 2, 2015

February Review, March Goals

Well, I think I did it! Twister's feet are much improved.... remind me to get pics one of these days. The cracks and stuff growing in the cracks are definitely getting better. Being that he's barefoot, I can't just sit back and relax now, but at least I'm not trying to kill nasty crap living in his feet. His feet are a bit sore from the frozen clumps of earth. But this week is supposed to be in the 50s during the days, so now I'll be watching to prevent thrush and keeping the cracks clean so the white line doesn't come back.

So the feet are better. Check.

Get into Shape!
During March, it is time to get mister ponypants back in shape. I looked at his condition again this morning as I drove down the driveway to work and decided he's just generally out of shape. He needs to build his top line back and get some more muscle. I will probably worm again here in a week or two as soon as the race horses all get their butts back to the track.

I need to be doing trot sets on a loose rein and trot sets in a frame to build back his muscle and top line and stamina. I remember when I first started riding this horse and you could pull him out of a field after 3 months off and go pony babies at a gallop for 2 hours and he didn't blink. He'll be 11 in a few days, so I guess age means he doesn't hold his fitness during the winter anymore. Well, I'm out of shape too. My legs are like jello, so it's something we can work on together. Trot sets in half seat or without stirrups for me.

Awkward, out of shape pony. Where did all that muscle go?!

Doesn't look so bad from this angle.
I like a big butts and I cannot lie!


  1. I need to increase our fitness too. If only the weather would co-operate!

  2. yay for happy hooves!!! good luck with the rest too - fitness is def high on my priorities list too (when spring comes...)

  3. Urghhh my legs are total jello at the moment too.