Sunday, March 29, 2015

Twister Got a Micklem!

Ok well, mommy got a Micklem for Twister. And I'm telling you he LOVES it. I never thought of him as a super sensitive horse. But he did awesome in the Micklem. All the bits I've tried and the figure 8s and the flash's..... he's done best in this after only 2 rides. Today we jumped in it and did a lot more work in it. He was great. Light in my hands and not once did he grab the bit and try to pull me out of the saddle. And our breaks were awesome!! So glad it was dry enough to canter a few jumps. After it rains again tonight I'll work on transition in the barn. Very impressed with this bridle and how well Twister is going in it. And yesterday he was all hyped up but did didn't  drag me. So I'm happy! I know it won't be awesome every ride, but I'm happy I found a bridle that fits him so well and that I feel that HE is really happy in. He was a very happy pony pants. My friends that have seen him jump in the hack that watched him jump in this bridle says he looks a lot happier in his. If he's happy, I'M happy.

Day 1

Day 2 (drier, but still to wet to jump anything decent)

Having SO much fun!!!


  1. Glad to hear you've found such a good fit for him!!

  2. it looks great on him and he looks nice and relaxed and soft - sounds like a winner!