Wednesday, August 12, 2015

8 Days

As in yesterday was our first ride in 8 days. EIGHT. Seriously. Enough with the vaycays already. Rode in the copper french link (against my better judgement.... M has my bevel!) and he was beastly. But I was so happy about beastliness. A forward, uphill trot. A canter that was more like a graded stakes winner galloping in the morning. My core and legs and gone to hell. But that I can work on. Twister hasn't had his muzzle on in 2 or 3 days and he's not even that fat. I guess the grass isn't that sugary anymore.

bonnet addiction.
the struggle is real.
We warmed up and he was almost immediately looking for my hands. And though he was beastly, he wasn't dragging me. He was using himself.

We did the trot poles several times and then after we warmed up our canter on both leads we did one round through the bounces on each lead. He was perfect! So I called it a day.

(Please don't judge the ugly leg and bouncing around like a sack of potatoes....)

Also he looks smokin' in his new pad and bonnet. Very classy.

classy, middle-aged man

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  1. he looks great in that bonnet ;) also i've been leaving the muzzle off my mare recently too... i'll probably get more consistent about it later in the fall when we usually get another regrowth... but eh, for now she's fine!