Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sometimes I want to just quit

My jumping has been so horrible lately that whatever confidence surge I had after the show in June is gone. M was over yesterday and I warmed up, WTC, lots of transitions. Had a really nice, forward and responsive Twister. And then we started jumping and it was terrible. Just like 99% of the time lately. Let me show you....

barely staying on.....
I don't know why we can't get it together. He is trying. I am all up in his grill, all over him, getting in his way. I'd love to see someone else jump him. So I can reaffirm what I already know. I get really discouraged. As our dressage improves, our jumping goes to hell. Maybe I should just invest in a nice dressage saddle (I'm fairly confident mine doesn't fit him properly) and stick to that. Only he loves to jump. And so do I when I can get my shit together. I know what I need to do. But can't seem to do it.

After some advice and coaching from M, it got better. But I'm still thinking I am going to take a couple weeks off from jumping. I will stick to cavalettis and set up some ground pole bounces. Work on things that aren't going to make me land on my head...... And then In 2 weeks I'll be able to have my jumping lesson.  And rumor has it in September Silke will have a jumping lesson too.

what we looked like after we got it together...
The more I jerked his mouth the more he was like awww hell no and he started clenching his jaw and pulling. So I took the Micklem off and I put the hackamore on and it helped. I am thinking about it too much and I am getting lost in my deep-seated saddle and I can't seem to just jump without letting go. I saw a girl on Facebook say something about her CC with basically no knee rolls and how it improved her riding so much because you ride properly or fall off. Maybe I need to get an older, cheaper CC with a plain flap. Opinions on that??

Our flat work has improved SO much though. Which is why I'm like wtf about the jumping. Shouldn't flatwork improve the jumping???

that trot though!

and a much improved canter!


  1. Whenever I feel blah about jumping, I go back to poles. It's amazing how much you can practice just cantering over poles!

  2. Pulling the blocks out of my jumping saddle was the best life choice ever. The flat flap doesn't force your leg anywhere, so it's all on you where your leg goes.

    1. i am going to give my saddle to my leather-working neighbor this weekend. he is going to take the tall knee blocks out and leave me with just the little bit of padding that's there. And i am gong to give that a try. though honestly, i'd really like a bit of a flatter seat. but i'm going to do what i can do for now. a friend said i can try her cc with the intention to possibly buy it. i'm just worried it might be too narrow for twister....

  3. please don't quit!!!! i went through a really similar phase of my position seriously interfering with isabel and it caused all kinds of problems.... but really things do get better and our horses are saints and do really forgive us our trespasses. my latest strength building kick (from a david oconnor clinic) is jacking my stirrups up 3 holes and half seating in a circle (with poles at 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock) at trot and canter. the burn is real (omg so real) but i think it's gonna do wonders for my balance and lower leg. blocks are pretty awesome too. you can do it!!!