Monday, August 3, 2015

Hooked on Phonics

Or in other words..... going back to the basics. Yesterday I just WTC and let Twister move out. Then we hacked out down the road.

Today I set up some simple exercises over poles. I mean simple. 4 trot poles, and a set of bounces and a small vertical, just under 2 feet. I have no media. I just wanted to focus on getting our shit together. But I wish I had media because it ended up going really well.

Trot poles are no big deal for him. I keep working him over them to build his top line. The bounces he wanted to stall at first. I had a neck strap to help keep me steady. I concentrated on a quiet secure lower leg and pushed him forward. The second time through was better. The third was even better. We went through several times, coming in on both leads. Then we trotted over the vertical from both directions and that seems to work out really well.

I want to increase the height of the last pole little by little and see if he can still pick himself up over it. But for now.... going to do this again tomorrow and dressage Wednesday.


  1. Replies
    1. i need to set up more poles for bounces and trot poles so that top line can get a workout

  2. yesss i love it!!! i know i literally just wrote this two seconds ago (bc yes i am speed reading your blog in a desperate attempt to catch up to present time) - but those ground poles are also the perfect opportunity for us to challenge ourselves while the horses kinda auto pilot through them. like, doing it stirrup-less or entirely in half seat (bounce in the heel and burn in the hamstring - apparently the recipe for success!).