Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fashionable Footwear and Trail Rides

Twister got something special in the mail today!! His Gloves!!! WHY they didn't get delivered before my person and I went on a trail ride all over timbucktoo. Which was Rascal's first official trail ride!

But boots first!!! I bought them before I knew I'd be taking a break from 6 day a week, serious training. But that's okay. I plan on using them all the time. I'm really excited about them. Finally boots that fit and will stay on!!!

We lunged and lunged over a couple jumps.... and my blown over pallet standard inadvertently because he was being a tool.... a tool with quick reflexes. And he moved really well in the boots and didn't trip on them once. Like he did a million times with the Boa's. And they didn't pop off like the Originals. 

But anyways. So my person and I went riding on our boys  today. It was raining a bit but at least that kept the flies from being too crazy. They were bad enough in the rain....... Rascal was fantastic. He went through all the ditches that scared Twister 2 years ago our first time through that route and never blinked. We cantered in the fields. And he went right in the pond. S was so happy with him. I'm pretty proud of this little guy. He's definitely a keeper!

We had a ton of fun. We haven't spent a lot of time together and have't been riding together in forever. And I played hooky all day at work to spend the day together. And he trimmed Rascal and Curtis for me!! Yayy for a fiance that can handle a rasp!


  1. What brand are the boots? They look like they will do the trick!

    1. Easy Boot gloves. best way to find your horse's size is to find a trimmer with a Fit Kit. They have to fit pretty perfectly to work because there are no straps on the front.

  2. yay for boots that stay on - and even more yay for fun hooky days!