Friday, August 21, 2015

Slacking Off

Other than the ride with my person on Wednesday, I haven't done jack with Twister. There are reasons for this.... extremely legit reasons. But I still feel like I'm neglecting him. I'm hoping to get in a little ride today. In D's saddle and in the new Gloves. Also his feet need to be done..... again. Especially the hinds. And they need to be painted and given some TLC. But that will be a job for later this weekend.

The other evening I took some pics of the kiddos. Which other than that trail ride is the most I've done with them besides cleaning up their poo. Oh and we spent far too much money on Big Kitty (Vaquero, the brown tabby) last week because he had a urinary blockage. He's home now under strict supervision. I check his box constantly. He's our bestest kitty and totally work the money because we love him.

Vaquero being allowed a little fresh air with Pedro


my big horse <3

what happens when i try to take a nice pic of the dogs......
And just so we're all on the same page.... it's Friday and I'm slacking off at work too. I only have to be here for another hour..... And it's Friday!


  1. sorry the kitty was sick - hopefully he's feeling all better now!

  2. Poor Vaquero! And poor you (and your bank account). Lovely photos :)

  3. kitty is doing much better now! my bank acct on the other hand..... just can't catch a break.....