Saturday, August 1, 2015

July Review, August Goals and Such

This month has been bleh. Abscess and of course it was freaking monsoon season. Which I wasn't aware that KY even had a monsoon season. I was wrong.

July Review

School XC. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA whateverrrrrrrrrr

Complete our 1st HT in 2 years. Nope. Didn't do that either. Hoof issues + monsoon season + puppy needing more than the expected vet attention + wasp sting in the throat = no HT

Learn to Halt Square. Yea not so much here either. But we've been schooling transitions like crazy. So we are on our way to learning this.

proof he can do it. just obviously not while i'm ON him...

Work on our canter Yes. This we did. It's actually improving and collecting a bit. Becoming a little more balanced with every day. We'e had some super fun canters. Working on our adjustability. Twister doesn't have a lot of little variations to a speed. Trying to teach him there is more than just Overdrive.

Have more fun. I've been trying to mix it up a little more. We've taken some trail rides and napped together in the stall. And I've spent time brushing and snuggling and forcing Pedro to hang out with us. I've ridden bareback and tried to do some fun lunging things. But lunging that horse is a fucking brawl. I don't know why I bother. We've also ponied Rascal some. Because let's face it, Twister love to pony more than anything in the world. Even more than he loves to jump. And he LOVES to jump.

Confo Shots


That muzzle has definitely helped out. For the limited riding I've done during July, I think Twister actually looks pretty good. Topline still needs work, but then again when does it not??

Hoof Update

I don't even want to talk about his feet. I don't even know what to do with them. They went from to wet to dry and brittle over night and the WLD is back with a vengeance. Everyone I talk to says that I need to resect the hoof wall but that just scares me. So I'm aggressively treating it with Jim Rickens and when that bottle runs out I am going to get Durasole (recommended to me by E). That's just for stuffing the cracks with. For the brittleness I am back to using Farrier Barrier on the daily. Seems to moisturize the best. I trimmed him yesterday and I am thinking the whole time "now wtf do i do????" I guess I need to have the pro come back out sooner than I thought.

August Goals

Have one of my friends come out to my place and give me a jumping lesson. She said she'd love to now we just have to coordinate schedules.

Set up a lesson with Silke to work on those dressage skillz.

Send in the damn entries to for the HT in September. Do the damn thing.

Keep Twister sound, healthy and happy.

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  1. ehhhhh so the july goals didn't really go according to plan... but really you guys seemed to be having a blast in between Twister's minor bouts of time off. good luck in august!