Monday, August 24, 2015

Horsie Husband

I'm not riding so much right now, more of a weekend warrior at the moment. So I thought I'd pull one of the many blogs out of my Draft Bin. I've been meaning to post this for a while but have had other things to talk about.

I know many of you out there have significant others who are not horse savvy.

the little man and twister

I don't want to rub it in too much but I am super lucky to have a fiancé that is just as much into horses as I am. Maybe in a different light, but he's still a horseman, all the same. My future hubby exercises racehorses at the track and breaks babies at home and can ride with the best of them. Actually, him on a horse is what caught my eye that first time I ever saw him.

S and porkchop

all boys. S and pedro and roader and fatass
I had just moved to KY and my boss at Churchill sent me to the training center to walk horses and I saw my person (who worked for the trainer that shared the barn with my then-boss) ride past in the shed row and say hi to me. Well that was it.

galloping fatass

There are people that can ride and ride well. Then you have those people, fewer in number, that look like they were born on the back of a horse. This is S. I could watch him ride all day. Sometimes I don't always like riding with him because he has nerves of steel and I do not which he doesn't seem to always understand. But we still have fun.

porkchop again

The first time I came to the farm where I now live, he asked me to help him with a baby that needed some remedial training before going back to the track. I learned how to pony off Twister that day. Twister has since become MY horse. I don't even remember the last time my person was on him.

matchy matchy with curtis

He is the kind of man that understands how much I just NEED to ride on a nice day, and will clean the stalls for me as apposed to napping between am and pm jobs so that I can have more time to ride. He's the guy that even though he has no interest in eventing, will still come cheer me on at shows or come out and give me pointers when I'm having a hard time doing flying changes or getting Twister to pick up a lead. He doesn't complain when the house is a mess and he has no ironed clothes (ok well sometimes he complains about the clothes) because I've been outside riding or working with the horses. Especially in the summer. The house can get clean when it's cold out.

We used to ride together a lot more often than we do now. Used to ride and work in the barn together daily. But we don't break horses for people anymore and with him galloping horses in the morning and working the restaurant at night, he doesn't have much time to hack out with me. I'm hoping that will change now that he actually has a horse to ride. We always have a great time riding together. And when we are working in the barn with a horse we are like a well-oiled machine.


He's very supportive of me riding and knows that even though I might not be riding so much the next year or so that I'm not done training or competing all together. He even told me so. He figures by the time I'm ready to compete again Curtis will be retired and I'll be eventing him, leaving Twister for a possibly new and important job. 

playing in the snow!
We still need to take a day to go to the lake and trail ride. It's been a little crazy around here and it hasn't happened yet but the weather is getting nicer so now would be a good time to plan a ride. I know S wants to go for a ride as much as I do. And Curtis goes back to the track in about 2 weeks. Which means my Saturdays will be spent waking early to help out.... which I love doing by the way. Nothing like being at the track at the ass crack of dawn with a coffee watching the horses train.

curtis again
porkchops last race


  1. I have a horsey husband too and they are pretty darn great. He is so great at ground work, so whenever I am having an issue or I am just feeling to weak to do something, he takes over. I hope you two get to go on your lake ride soon! Fingers crossed.

  2. Very sweet post. You have a great catch!

  3. You are lucky to have such an awesome horsey man in your life! Sounds like you two are a great match :)

  4. aww so many sweet pictures!! totally jealous of your (future) horse husband!! :D

  5. My SO has gotten into horse racing because of me, and is very supportive. I definitely don't mind and kinda prefer that he doesn't ride, but cheers to those who love the very horsey SOs in their life :)