Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WW: Riding Rascal

Well, almost wordless....

I've been riding Rascal! Only a couple of times. But LOVE. He needs a LOT of finishing. Like learning how to get power steering. But what a smart and willing cutiepants! My person's plan is to get him going with a little reining work and in a couple years have him be our pony horse. He is quick and athletic and getting taller everyday!

his first bareback ride!
basically i was too lazy to saddle another horse

rode him in the micklem. he was awesome.
then i was told that i need to be starting him
as a reiner not a dressage horse........

he wanted me to take his confo shot

finally is ok with me hosing him off...


  1. What a cute little guy! Excited to see how he continues to learn.

  2. he looks like such a sweetie!! love that silhouette pic of you two!

  3. Rascal is a cutie! Where did you get the awesome green breeches?

    1. They are highline brand. I have a pairs size 28r for sale. They are the comfiest!