Thursday, August 13, 2015

TBT: Hunter Princess Days

When I was home last weekend I found some old photos. I'm talking about 10 yrs old or so. Back to my hunter days. Unlike most hunter barns, Linda always had (and has) a zero tolerance for drama and bullshit. So we were all very nice, well behaved, and support of others. I had the chance to run into a few stereotypical hunters and let me tell you, I could never do hunters again unless I rode with Linda.

my first show ever. with Major.

once a lip-biter, always a lip-biter

this would have to be a dressage day

and a random of this fat baby horse I also found. guess who!?


  1. You've always had a thing for the big red guys huh? Fun look back!

  2. aw these are cute pics!! also that looks like an intense show venue for a first timer!

    1. that first pic, with Major, was at county fair. fair was always the most serious show of the year. But he was a steady old timer that got me through without a hitch.