Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trying a Saddle

D let me set both her for sale saddles on Twister Saturday and I came home with one to try. I rode in it Sunday and was going to ride in it again today but that didn't happen. But after one ride I'm pretty happy... I think. It's a Circuit CC. Not sure on the model. Has foam instead of wool flocking.

Before the ride

looks like it fits pretty well. plenty of wither clearence
and it doesn't rock at all with just a regular pad

pretty balanced if you ask me
 Riding in it

it was really comfy!

popped over a tiny jump

slipped just a tiny bit. but that happens.

i thought it worked out great but holy dry spots......

So I need to ride in it again and see what happens. I hate saddle fitting. Or maybe I start with it a little further back?  It usually takes me a few rides to figure out whether or not a saddle is a keeper. I'll also try some other pads and things to see if I can help it out a bit. I really thought it fit great until I saw the dry spots.........


  1. ugh saddle fit is the worst. i've heard a lot about whether dry spots should be taken seriously or not... but i also really don't know what i'm talking about lol

    1. He's not sore there. But then again I've only ridden in the saddle once. A couple hours in it usually does the trick