Friday, July 31, 2015

$900 Facebook Pony Blog Hop

$900 Facebook Pony wants to know: Whether you’ve had one or one hundred, lets see all the horses you’ve ever had.

I am going to stick to all the horses I've ridden regularly, leased or owned. Otherwise this list would be a mile long!

Major. I took my first jumping lesson on Major and leased him one summer. I went to my first show on him. He is still taking kids to their first W/T shows. He is a rock. Love that old man always and forever.

Stewart. I talked about him in another blog post: Heart Horse. So I'll just let you read that :)

Stolen Thunder, Final Valentine, Mightybobbymagee (yes, Poor Woman Showing's horse), Call the Lark, Coyote Lakes. OTTB's I rode consistently in college. I quarter-leased Stolen Thunder for a time with a friend and I took him over his first jump. He was a little cutie and very willing. I feel like they screwed up his brain though, trying to teach him too many different jobs at once after my lease was over. Valentine was a pretty boy. I rode him on and off for a semester in training class. At one point I tried to talk Mom into helping me buy him. No such luck. Not sure what he's doing now. I rode Bobby when he was 2 and failed at learning to gallop on him and after that when he got back from racing, a couple times a week for a couple semesters until he started having all the issues that lead school to finally give in and sell him to Carly. And Lark. I LOVED Lark. I actually handled/groomed him for a time when I worked on Buttonwood Farm in Rhinebeck, NY. A handsome boy and a smooth mover. I took some lessons on him and rode him as much as I could. Coyote Lakes was a 3 time G3 winner that I rode a bunch my first couple semesters and a bunch of times when I was taking dressage lessons. Legs for days and the CUTEST OTTB pony face EVER.

Lu (-cifer). I rode Lu for a whole year when I was doing the "trail riding class"....actually training for Competitive Trail riding. She was the meanest fucking wench you ever sat on. And we had a mutual hate relationship. Except that she was awesome. Did everything a little too willingly just leave her the fuck alone. Don't touch put pressure on her face. Don't tell her what to do. Don't move. Just sit there and let her do her thing because if you don't well don't say she didn't warn you. We got through one 25 miles CTR together and as we were gearing up for #2 a few months later, we were told that the school's insurance wouldn't let us do another one which was bullshit.

Rocky the Horse. Not to be confused with my dog from highschool (now my mom's dog) Rocky. He is a TB that L had had since he was 4 months old. But he was worse than most OTTBs I'd ever ridden. Everything was done on a circle and if you could do one jump without dying a day you were having a great day. I really liked that horse. Fun and unpredictable.

KC Cat. My friend's horse. I spend 2 summers working at Saratoga and H and I would go riding on her OTTBs. I lovedddddd KC. But then again I've always had a thing for chestnuts.

Fatass, Little Man, Twister, Porkchop, Curtis, Rascal. Horses I have owned and ridden in the last 4 years. Read about Fatass in the Heart Horse Blog and read about Twister every freaking day because he's my main squeeze and I luff him. The Little Man was a chestnut troublemaker who is long gone. He is loved and spoiled in his new home but I had no use for horses that throw you ass over teakettle just because they can. Porkchop is now called "Manny" and I get weekly updates about him and he is doing fabulous in his new home. Curtis is a total shit but I love him and he will be my next event horse. He hasn't even made his first race yet but I'm hoping he lives up to his JC name, "Da Money Man". And Rascal is just the cutest. I've only been on him once but I want to do ALL THE THINGS with him. Nothing bothers him and the other night I put the kiddie pool on his head. He didn't even blink. Now THAT'S a show horse! :P

As I was looking through pics I kept remembering and finding more horses I'd worked with or ridden, like the Paso, Sote who died last winter. The list could be extremely long..............

i don't have media on all of them....


  1. Porkchop is a GREAT name for a horse, haha!

    1. His JC name is Da Ladies Man but he's a total porkchop. His new owner calls him "manny"

  2. how did i not know you rode the one and only Bobby??? but seriously tho - so many neat horses here!