Monday, July 27, 2015


Jumping tack today. Twister knew what that meant. He was a raging bull. A crazy person. A fire-breathing dragon. Dragging me around. Had to run him into fences to slow him. It was awesome. He felt fantastic. I tried to do the Part 1 of Finding Your Distance episode from Evention Tv and he COULD NOT canter over the ground poles. Leap over them like an over eager 4 year old, more like.

best trot ever. love this trot.

If the weather holds out I'll try all the same stuff again tomorrow. Hopefully he will have calmed down enough to use that same beastly energy in a harnessed, productive, less war-horse type way.

I will ride him every other day if it mean I can get this workity attitude and energy level.
being crazy is exhausting!