Thursday, July 23, 2015

Giant Bug Bites - Updated!

So yesterday afternoon I went to ride and noticed Twister has some swelling on his throat. It wasn't hot. And I KNOW it's not choke because he wears a gazing muzzle and gets a handful of grain. I couldn't find any puncture wound and I couldn't see any ticks either.

Giant bug bite. Soooooo pony is getting more time off until there is no more swelling. So glad I didn't send in entries for the show this weekend. Apparently he enjoyed his 2 week abscess vaycay and decided to get bit by something on his airway so he can have MORE time off.

My FB friends said I should give him some banamine. But I only have a little bit of paste and it's my emergency colic supply. None of mine ever colic. But the moment I use my banamine someone will. Because that's Murphy's Law.

This morning when I brought Twister in, the swelling looked much less. So I'm just going to keep an eye on it and give him more days off. Lucky him.

Update (all of an hr later....) before I left for work I gave him 10cc banamine paste and slathered on some icthamol. Because let's face it.... I've never been able to just do nothing. It's still not hot and he is still breathing just fine. But still. And my person said he'd check on it when he goes to pick stalls this afternoon. I still have some banamine in reserve for an emergency.

Ummmm So I got home from work today and Twister's neck looked like this:

worse. yikes.

So I called the vet. He said sounded like a sting reaction. 10 cc more of banamine and 10 crushed Benydryl. And if I had any (and I think I do but I need to find it....) a 1 gram of bute tonight. So I had to run to the store and buy Benydryl because I only have 4 and they were 4 years out of date..... fail. And I bought Benydryl cream too. Cold hosed and cleaned off the icthamol and after he dried put on the cream. He'd already been given the Benydryl. Vet said he'd give my person some azeum in the morning at the track if it was still really swollen tomorrow. He says I shouldn't worry.

perky and apparently starving to death lol
But I'll tell ya, when I came home this afternoon and it was worse I legit freaked. He was breathing fine. But shit around airways is not cool. Not cool wasp or bee or fly or whateverthefuckyouare stinging my horse on the throat. 


  1. Apollo has very similar lumps on his stomach right now, there is some extra irritating bug out there this year it seems! Hope the swelling is all gone soon :)

  2. Sheesh. No breaks for you! Bacon gets fun swelling from bug bites too, and they usually go away after 48 hours or so without me putting anything on them. :)

    1. it scares me that it's on his throat. and it's been 48 hrs and still has only gone down a little. we got some azeum that i gave him iv a little bit ago. i'm just going to keep watching it. the azeum should take it down a lot

  3. oh no - poor Twister! hopefully the swelling disappears just as quickly as it sprouted up!