Friday, July 10, 2015

No Hoof No Horse No Riding

Seems like everyone is posting about cantering. I want to canter. But Twister is still not himself what with his little abscess and what not.

muzzle-less grazing! woooo!

I tried to ride him yesterday and I even dropped my irons and tried to heel him forward but no such luck he would not horse, at all. We took a quiet little walk around the big field. I picked his feet and begged him to feel better quick. Today I didn't even bother trying. I would have tried to ride in between all the storms and in the mud.


So here's what I'm thinking..... find someone that will do the poly glue on shoes. If it stays this wet his feet will stay soft and he will keep bruising and abscessing. Find Gloves that fit him.....asap. So I can used them when I ride which will help increase circulation in his feet and help him a bit. The cheapest gloves I can find online are $100 shipped. Glue ons, about the same price. I need to sell my Originals too. Because they won't stay on so I can't ride in them.

And M's saddle is no good. So I tried my old AP and I like where it puts my leg, but the seat is way small.
hated it. i might as well ride in an exercise saddle :P

my old trusty ap. my first saddle, my 16th bday gift.
bc what 16 yr old horse girl wants a car :P

so small.  also. stole the racehorses'
BOT pad hehe
couldn't actually do anything in it because of abscesses.
but i wanted to see how bad it looked lol

knee busting over the roll. but it feels comfier.... aside
from the small seat...... if only it was a 17.5

Doesn't look like I'll make it to Stone Place in 2 weeks. Not with hoof issues and such. Planning for Land's End in September then and maybe I can find a schooling show or CT before then too. 

apparently my book reading lawn chair is a dog/cat cot. I guess broken
puppies can do what they want


  1. awww boo abscesses!! :( love the green pants tho!

  2. It's been such a crazy year for abscesses! I've known so many people's horses with them. Mystic had a terrible one as a yearling (that was fun...not).

  3. Are you worried about regular shoes not staying on? After a year of being barefoot, his foot might hold one better at this point than they did before.

    1. I just really don't want to put nails in those feet! And they grow so fast!