Sunday, July 26, 2015

July Silke White Clinic

Probably would have been best as a WW. But whatevs.

M and I went to watch the clinic. SS is a nut job and wasn't ready to be ridden in 'public' and Twister had just gotten over his wasp sting. So neither of us rode. But we watched and learned and caught up with our horsey friends. I took a TON of pics. But I'm just going to post my artsy ones.

Also got to try out D's Corbette but it's basically a much nicer version of my saddle so won't really help me long term. And by trying out her saddle I got to walk around on her giant OTTB gelding who I am totally in love with. I told her if she ever doesn't want Brody, she can drop him off at my farm. Whatever. I can dream. She DOES have a nice 17.5 saddle that will probably fit Twister. I have to meet up with her so I can borrow it for a couple days.

early morning before we left for the clinic, twister.


D and Spring

M trying to get the shot

D and Spring again

T and her appy

D and Brody (Silke in the bitchin' hat)