Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend Update: Beastly Again

Friday I got my horse back. Meaning, he was a happy pony that wanted to work. 

Saturday my person and I rode together. He's been slacking in the Rascal department but beefcake was super good despite all the days off. Such a cutie.

teach babies all the thingz


Twister and I warmed up WTC and then we jumped. He is ON again! Beastly pony! So much fun.

ok so my media-man is not a very good photographer
but he tried <3

Twister really doesn't care how wide a jump is
.... or isn't .

And this evening, after I'd waited all day for it too cool off because the heat index was in the No No zone, we had a serious dressage school. He pulled his shit. And he cantered like a beast while leaning on my leg half the time. But we actually had a really good school and he felt great. 

i almost forgot what it felt like to have a horse
that was infront of my leg

holy canter batman



Pretty sure Twister doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up: race horse? barrel horse? eventing pony? Pony Express pony? He was just so much fun to ride this weekend. 

getting the stink eye. not sure why... he's bathed and
getting away with ripping apart a hay bale
One thing I don't like is he is stocking up a bit in the stall during the day. I guess it's all the heat and humidity. Comes in after being out all night with no filling. And after a couple minutes walking under tack it's gone. My horse is middle aged and it's starting to show. 

And his feet are getting worse. My person and I talked about it a bit today and I think we are going to get Gloves. He can go out in them now and then and wear them every ride. Stupid wet summer. His feet haven't been this bad since I pulled his shoes. And I try to stay on top of it but it's not working!!!

pretty much the weather this summer


  1. yay for having the beastly pony back again! boo to the rough feet tho, hopefully they get better again if things dry up?

    1. i seriously hope so. I'm going to do Hoof Heal 3 days in a row and then every other day for the next 10 days. Going to be really aggressive about it. I won't put it up to his coronet every time. But def the bottom half of his hoof and the sole.

  2. The weather this year has just been hell for hooves :-( But I'm so so so glad he's been so great for you lately! Good boy, Twister <3