Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WW: Mostly Photography

happy hump day, bloggerville! sunrise in KY this am was beautiful!

rascal didn't like the corona i put on his nose
took the dogs to their daddy's restaurant for dinner!

15 bags = 600 lbs. truck was full
stopped and bought cat food.

because i'm missing my moose a lot right now...

because i'm missing fatass a lot too...


  1. Awww Mr. Fatass was so handsome <3

    I have similiar #equestrianproblems but I have to cram bags of grain into a tiny corolla. I feel like it's sitting a bit too low sometimes haha

    1. i used to have a tiny corolla i crammed grain into!

  2. love the pics - esp that last one of Fatass :(