Wednesday, July 15, 2015

SFTS Blog Hop: Heart Horse(s)

Stories from the Saddle Blog Hop

Do you currently have your "heart horse"? What makes a "heart horse" to you? If you don't own a horse, have you ever leased a "heart horse"? 

This is a really tough one to write. I can tell you right now I have had more than one "heart" horse and DO have one at them moment. No prize for guessing my current ;)

Let's with Stewart. 15h Qh gelding. He was absolutely and undoubtedly the first love of my life. I broke up with boys over this horse (boys not wanting me to talk about him/horses/riding) and he was the horse of my dreams for many many many years. I leased him for 5 or 6 years. I showed him for 3 of those years and gave Mom lessons on him one summer. He tested me, and was there for me, and love me as much as I love him. When his owner, my trainer, got an offer on him, she asked me if I wanted him first. She'd give me dibs. I was a brokeass college student living in a dorm and didn't even have a car. Mom was sick a lot and still having surgeries to repair damage from her car accident in '07 and they just couldn't take care of a horse. So I went home for a weekend and said goodbye to Stew. He is now living the dream as a pasture pet/sometimes trail horse and is well loved. He will always be my first love.

my hunter-princess days

my first love <3

There have been a lot of horses that have touched my heart. Horses that tough me valuable lessons. Horses that will always be special to me. There is a long list. I am a tender-heart. I get attached easily and it's always very hard for me to let go. I could write a whole blog on the horses in my life and the lessons they've taught me and the ways they left hoof prints on my heart and soul. 

But as far as Heart Horses, the next would have to be Fatass. It's been 3 months since he died and I still am heart broken over it. The day he was claimed I wrote on the back of his papers that if he ever needed a home we'd take him back, no matter what. After he ran dead last for his new owner, I kept hoping and dreaming of the call that they needed him gone. We'd take him. I'd drive the trailer to Chi-fucking-cago if I had to. Fatass has more personality than any horse I'd ever met. Testy, but goofy, loving and snuggly and playful. I galloped him for a whole summer and cared for him for almost 3 more years after that. He came through and won for us when we really needed it and he was the most graceful horse I'd ever seen. Even when he was out in a field bucking and carrying on, he was still poetry in motion. I remember galloping him as a 2 year old thinking he was like riding a carousel. So smooth. If I was having a bad day, I could go in the field or stall with him and he's just rest his head on my chest and let me rub his ears and give him kisses. He never ever acted like he was being smothered. I've cried into his mane many times. For a high strung racehorse, he was the most level-headed softie you'd ever meet. I still miss that kid every single day.

his most favorite thing in life. ever.

And of course there is Twister. I write about him almost every day. So you all know how much he means to me. He's my go-to boy. He always gives his all and we have a bond like I've only ever had with Stewart. But stronger. I've never had a horse that let me lay down in the stall with him, but Twister does. I've never had a horse be terrified of the filling in a jump but jump anyways. Twister does. I've never had a horse do absolutely anything I ask, no matter what. But Twister does. I've never had a horse give me so much shit and test me so much but at the end of the day still love me so much. Twister does. I know you're not supposed to anamorphize, but it's really hard not to do. I think horses are capable of loving just as much as humans. Dogs too. If you'd ever seen my person and Fatass together you'd know a horse can love. Twister is one of those horses you never sell because you can't even put a price on how much he means to you. He's not just your horse, your riding buddy, your competition partner. He's your partner in crime, your shrink, your very large 4-legged friend. He's family.

personality in spadessss

never denies mommy some kissies!

fatass and twister.... and curtis, photobombing in the back


  1. Wonderful stories about all your heart horses! :) They sure make our lives whole, dont' they?

  2. aww this just makes me love Twister that much more - what a cool horse!!