Sunday, July 5, 2015

Uninspired with speed bumps

I had half a post written about how I am really working on getting an adjustable horse. One that has many speeds and gears at each gate. But it was boring. The same old shit.

friday. takes FOREVER for us to get to this each day
I'm sort of uninspired right now. We are trying to work over a speed bump in our progress right now. I think maybe he doesn't like my dressage saddle. Or maybe I'M not in the best position in it. Or maybe he needs to see the chiropractor. Probably that would help a lot. But mommy is broke right now because Ranger had his 2nd hip surgery and then instead of just being able to heal up and move on, he was really sore and inflamed and had to go back to the vet for shots and meds and we STILL have to go back next week to get staples out. He's a happy boy now though.

he didn't want to dog :(
We've been doing like an every other day thing. Jumping one day. Dressage the best. Gallop and jumping the day after that. Yesterday we went for a walk down the road with Rascal and my person. Rascal is doing so well! He's such a freaking cutie.

fat baby probably also needs a muzzle
Twister got a grazing muzzle which he is NOT thrilled about. And I am going to get another one for Rascal. I hate to have them in the stall crapping all day when it's cool out like today. They can be out, but controlled.

he hates me

And I'm trying to decide whether I should go to Silke's clinic on the 25th and do the HT at Spring Run on Aug 8th instead of going to Stone Place on the 26th. Basically, it ends up being based on what M thinks SS will be ready for. And I COULD use the dressage clinic.........

because Pedro. that's why.
Also, we sold Porkchop. He just doesn't want to racehorse. He went to the best home he could have... besides mine that is! L is an OTTB hoarder and between her, her daughter and L2, they will end up making him an event horse! He is going to get a few months to be a lazy gelding before they restart him. But they are just so in love with him and I'm friends with L on Facebook so I'll be able to keep up with Porkchop forever! She has been sending me updates all weekend. He's been swimming in the pond and flirting with an old mare and generally just living it up.

so long, porkchoppers!

It's rainy and wet here again so I'm glad I rode as hard as I did last week. That means I won't feel bad about the easy rides today and the probably no ride tomorrow.

I needz cookiez!!!!
I've been really struggling with my jumping in the saddle I have and *almost* want to try in my old saddle. But my ass doesn't FIT in that saddle. So that won't work either. Anyone want to sell me a saddle on a payment plan??? Not that you do now after I tell you how broke I am. Last year I rode in D's older Stubben. While it was the worse freaking saddle ever for trail rides, it was perfect for me to jump in. Only thing..... it fit twister like crap. Otherwise I'd still be using it! I even had it reflocked and adjusted and it just wasn't wide enough for a giant pony.

the first time i jumped 2' on Twister, in D's


  1. i'm feeling similarly about the 'speed bump' thing but am just trying to keep riding through it. hopefully it's not actually a chiro or saddle problem and that Twister will be amazeballs for your next ride!

    1. I really think it is a chiro thing from when he tried to break his up in the eurosizer a year ago may.....