Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dude, where's my horse?

Last night I wanted to gallop and jump the new xc jump. But I have no horse. He just doesn't wanna. At all. So I'm going to give him a couple days off and a nice relaxing trail ride and maybe find a field that isn't planted to gallop in. Step back from training. Because we're not getting anywhere like this. We're not the dynamic duo anymore. It's not fun at the moment and it should be. We'll get our stride back. We always do. But for now, we're taking it easy. I want a happy fresh horse in 3 weeks. I want a horse that is rearing to go. Right now he's rearing to nap......

we're either long or short. 

the muzzle is obviously working

mwuahahahaha. Rascal is PISSED


  1. bummer that he feels kind of in a rut right now - hopefully a little time off will do the trick and he'll be back at it in no time!

    1. RUT! that's the word. I seriously kept trying to think of the word/phrase forever! Brain fart lol

  2. I'm sure a little time off will do the trick :)